Canvas Repair Kit (Tear-Aid)

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Get set for camping season with this canvas repair kit for your glove-box! 

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Canvas & PVC repair kits! 

You never know when you will need to make a quick repair to your gear! 

The kit is jam packed with everything you need for repairing your canvas tent, swag or bag as well as your PVC or vinyl items.  

Inside your canvas repair pouch you will find; 

• 2 heavy duty Canvas and Upholstery needles

• 6 meters of UV stabilised and marine grade thread

• thread snippers

• a variety of canvas patches (If you’re after a specific colour of canvas in your kit, you can also request this).

• a variety of mozzie mesh patches

• 170mm x 76mm of TEAR AID Type B suitable for patching pvc and vinyl.

• the canvas pouch can also be cut up to use as a patch in extreme repairs. 

All items are individually packaged so as they stay clean and dry until their use. 

We can also make any type of canvas bag that you can dream up.  Contact us if you’d like to chat!

Any questions of feedback about our repair kits, please contact us.




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